collaboration with the empire of I
a parapluie for you and me. aubergine comedy night. cereal delight, you are hopeful. dingleberries could have been a contender dark invaders academy. find me my love.
"hey, is this thing on?" hobo village I will make you a rainbow love above all. make a rainbow. my love, atlantis.
our lives, utopia. places we could visit. please do not destroy my empire. premium real estate. safety first, digging clams second. swim trunks champ.
tupperware thieves. we could build a world together. "what?" get crackin' what's all the hubbub? shampoo whores. i will love you through the gamma rays. new sealand
toast of the town care bullies dress sweats local vancancies      

your softer freckles collapse how to smoke a cigar wrap your arms around me we only wanted to hug. un chapeau synchronize egypt. say no to grey prawns. softer things have happened. so nice to see you smile. rainmaker
prague rock. orange juice, overrated. octopus meets godzilla move it chicken arms. love tel aviv. little haters. is it hot in here? I will trade you for a potato. I was math you were algebra I made a boat for you.
how wonderful you are. hoofin it man hippos get off my nuts. 0123456789. don't bust my chops. baiting service break heart. bad mittens. play dates.
please stop the high five. mixed white kids. alphabet (violet + purple) alphabet (red + beige) alphabet (magenta + grey) play dates. weird uncle kenny (orange) food leavers. owl wings stop the al dente
free eggs "atlantis"